Smays Golden Zircon Material Crystal Mirror Surface Copper Watchband Fashion Watch for Female

    Introduction to the Smays:

    Smays today has become one of the leaders in the field of fashion watches. Not only in Guangzhou, the domestic first-line more than ten cities and Hong Kong has a special counter in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and other points. There is oil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has found the branch, in a luxury Dubai where is a feast for the eyes, still the favorite by the local Female. Market coverage in China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Smays Leading fashion products in the field, and so resplendent!

    Item Specifications:
     Brand:  Smays
     Style:  Fashion, Luxury
     Gender:  Female
     Origin:  HongKong
     Diamond Type:  Zircon
     Case Material:  Steel
     Dial Shape:  Oval
     Dial Surface:  Crystal Mirror
     Movt Type:  Japan Movt Quartz
     Band Material:  Copper
     Dial Display:  Analog
     Watch-Buttom:  Single Buckle
     Watch-Back:  Steel
     Water Resistant:  30M Daily Waterproof
     Dial Diameter:  3.3cm
     Dial Thickness:  1.0cm
     Band Length:  20cm
     Band Width:  1.6cm
     Pictures:  Make Pictures of Real Goods

    Product Partial Views:
    1. Gentleman buys it to your girl friend as gift, make your girl friend more perfect !

  • Product weight: 100 g
  • Product size (L x W x H): 20 x 3.3 x 1 cm

  • Package:
  • 1 x Watch

  • Quality Features:
  • Zircon is a kind of silicate minerals, it is the main zirconium abstract metal ore. Zircon is a kind of special nature gems. It has higher refractive index and strong dispersion, colorless or light blue varieties after treatment, like diamond which has strong out fire phenomenon. Because it is very similar to diamond on the exterio, and therefore it is known as can be comparable with the diamond of precious stones.

  • Electroplating is to use the principle of electrolysis in some metal surface with a thin layer of the other metal or alloy process, using electrolysis make metal or other material the product's surface attached a layer of the metal film technology and so to prevent corrosion, improve abrasion resistance, electric conductivity, retroreflectivity and enhance the beautiful functions.

  • Quartz movement watch's allowable error range is 15 seconds/month. Quartz watch's travel time by the battery energy drive, general battery life is according to the movement of watch and decide from 12 to 24 months. If your watch has a weak report show function, when the battery is almost consumption finished, the second hand will beat every four seconds, if this occurs, you should be replaced batteries immediately. If not, it is possible to damage the parts, if you find time walk slowly, likely because of a lack of power, you can go to the authorized maintenance center to detect power.

  • Gold-plated is to electroplating with gold. Homogeneous material gold-plated refers to process the surface of the gold jewelry by gold-plated . It means that it can improve the brilliance and lustre of jewelry.

  • Ceramic case materials description: zirconia ceramics with phase change for toughening properties, is the best material among the known oxide ceramic in strength, toughness and comprehensive performance, is known as "ceramic steel". Luster, high hardness, rusty wages, contamination, stable in chemical. This new type watch of ceramic case and strap used zirconia ceramics, ceramic materials and metals etc. Compared with stainless steel material watch, ceramic watches reduce the weight of about 60%, its hardness is about 10 times of stainless steel materials, and rust resistance and heat resistance, has high hardness, never wear, never fade, and no harm to skin advantages.

    Noted: The quality features of this watch are based on item specification.Thanks!

Smays Golden Zircon Material Crystal Mirror Surface Copper Watchband Fashion Watch for Female
Smays Golden Zircon Material Crystal Mirror Surface Copper Watchband Fashion Watch for Female
Smays Golden Zircon Material Crystal Mirror Surface Copper Watchband Fashion Watch for Female
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